No-one knows what is around the corner, but by having the correct protection in place can make all the difference.  There is a wide range of protection policies to cover almost all eventualities.

Life Assurance, this ensures that a family is financially secure in the event of the death of a bread winner, or that loans and mortgages are repaid.

Critical Illness, these days we are more likely to survive a Critical Illness than ever before, but coping with and recovering from a serious illness could have severe financial consequences; a critical illness policy could provide a much needed lump sum at a difficult time.

Income Protection, We are generally more likely to be off work sick for 6 months or more than we are to due before retirement.  Many employers pay sick pay for a limited period, very few have arrangements to pay sick pay indefinitely.

We can provide Income Protection policies which are tailored to individual circumstances, and are designed to pay replacement income, after your employer stops paying sick pay, until you have recovered and return to work.

Private Medical Insurance, The NHS generally provides a very good service in emergencies but in less life threatening circumstances people still sometimes have to wait for a treatment.

We can arrange Private Medical Insurance which allows patients to choose when to have treatment.

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